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At The Black Horse in Standlake we host a variety of events throughout the year.


At the end of 2021 we released a poll for 'Community projects/charities' for 2022. You told us and we listened. Therefore, we are fundraising for two nominated community projects/charities this year: The Standlake Equestrian Centre and Standlake Primary School. Through December and January we have hosted a variety of different events and evenings, to date we have raised over £2,000. Hosting quiz nights, change games on the bar and charity auctions, we have lots more events occurring throughout the year, please keep an eye on our instagram page to keep up to date.  

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Every thursday at The Black Horse we host steak nights. 

If you fancy an intimate setting at one of our candle lit tables, soaking up the ambiance of a quaint countryside pub. Indulge in one of our generous steak deals of either rib eye or rump along with a carafe of wine.

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At The Black Horse themed evening are always a memorable evening, classy and sophisticated while providing upmost entertainment and fun, on occasions we also host local band sessions where all can enjoy local new talents alongside a refreshing glass of wine, or two. 

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The pergola

Whether you are after seamless service on your big day, or want to add that personal touch to an intimate anniversary meal, at the Black Horse we pride ourselves on being able to create memories that last a lifetime. 

For more details on how we can make your special day memorable, please give us an email at:

Stag Shed

Our Exciting new venture,The Stags Shed, a fully equipped draught bar available for hire, perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays.

Our specially trained senior Westbrook Pub Company bar staff are on hand to attend to your every need.

Please send us an email with any general queries or special requirements for your event: 

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